If you feel like writing, start writing; nothing prevents you. A blog, a diary, a travel diary, articles … you are spoiled for choice.

On the other hand, if you want to become a writer, ie the author of at least one book (with the recognition that goes with it), it will take a little more than that. Here are 10 tips to help you take the plunge.

1. Have confidence in yourself

If you want to become an author, you must believe in yourself. What seems a basic advice is however often forgotten along the way … Too many aspiring writers stop along the way by repeating that “I’ll never get there”!

If, you will get there. Finally, if you can read, write and think. It is true that if one of these three activities is a problem for you, it may be necessary to review your ambitions downwards …

2. Start by writing

I do not count the number of people who told me they want to become a journalist without having ever written an article or want to become a writer without having ever written a chapter. A writer is someone who writes!

Nothing requires you to immediately embark on the creation of a 500-page novel or an elaborate philosophical essay. But you could start by writing news, blog posts, poems, edits …

3. Write more … and more regularly

Once you have understood that writing is within your reach, write more regularly: it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith and it is writing that one becomes éconneron!

If you want to become a better author, you must take the time to write each day or at least every week. This of course requires having a form of passion or pleasure; do not write if it bores you deeply (so do something else).

4. Read (a lot)

I do not know where I heard this joke: “A journalist is the one who reads the newspaper. Well, that applies to writers too! Reading is a pleasure but it is also an activity that allows you to find new ideas and refine your style.

Beyond reading books, you can also read magazines and websites. We rarely lack imagination when we are interested in the world around us, it is a permanent source of inspiration and ideas!

5. Find your style (and your method)

You will easily find manuals and tips with writing methods. Some will put you off, others will please you; experiment and see what suits your personality and how you are doing it.

For my part, I am unable to tell you what method I use and it will become so soon for you: writing techniques are toolboxes, not dogmas to worship. Do not hesitate to mix methods to develop your own way of doing things.

6. Do not try to please everyone

It is difficult to grasp in a world where every little phrase becomes a pretext for scandal to occupy the media field but we must not seek to please everyone. Even the greatest writers are criticized … and that does not seem to hurt them.

There will always be someone to make an unpleasant remark or leave a rotten comment on one of your books. Do not forget the positive side of the negative comments and keep writing. Anyway, to please everyone is to please anyone.

7. Learn the basics of marketing

Whether you opt for traditional publishing, independent publishing or self-publishing, you’ll always be the best commercial agent for your book: no one will promote it for you.

Do not think that this is degrading for an artist: all the stars of literature are often (in their genre) marketing geniuses. So document and learn the techniques of editorial marketing, it will always be profitable.

8. Build a platform

Whether it’s a blog, a Facebook page or a YouTube channel, you need to create a personal platform that allows your readers to discover you at first and get to know you better in a second time. (and you can collect emails by the way).

This will allow you to create a more direct relationship with your readers but also to communicate directly with them for the release of a next book, the organization of a signing session or a writing workshop, etc. For my part, I use my blog, Juriswin and The Book Maker (as well as Facebook and Twitter).

9. Be persistent

Becoming a writer is a career like any other: one improves oneself over the years and one becomes better with time. So you have to be patient and perseverant: writing a book (let alone many) is a long process and you have to take the time to do it right.

A book that does not work today may work well tomorrow because one of your other books will be successful. In the meantime, you must persevere and progress, organize yourself to write and promote your books. Never give up!

10. Do not forget to live

To be a successful author, you have to find a balance between the various stages of writing: documentary research, creation of a work plan, writing a first draft, modification of the project, proofreading and corrections …

But to be a fulfilled human, you have to find a form of balance in life in general and take the time to do other things! Play sports, do not forget your family, test new things, live your dreams … Succeed is to be happy.